The WBC operates according to an administration and leadership structure that follows the NSF I/UCRC program guidelines. This leadership and administration structure guides the center’s activities.

To learn more about our operation structure check our Center Bylaws.

The WBC leadership and operation structure consists of the Industry Advisory Board (IAB) and the Academic Leadership Team.


The IAB consists of representatives of each member organization and is divided into two committees:

Executive Committee – Integrated by executives appointed by each member. This committee is in charge of strategic planning, financial decisions for the center, review of the WBC bylaws, and review of membership. Our current Executive Committee Chair is Dr. Bao Do from Bakelite Synthetics.

Technical Committee – Consists of senior-level technical positions or representatives with technical expertise. This committee has the important role of guiding the research program of the center. Among their responsibilities are generating the Research Roadmap, selecting and overseeing research projects, and serving as technical advisors for funded projects, among others. Our current Technical Committee Chair is Patrick Farrell from Freres Engineered Wood.


Oversees the research program in coordination with each site and oversees the financial administration of the center. the Academic Leadership Team consists of two positions:

Center Director (s) – Leads the overall management of the center and is the primary contact for the site. This position oversees the financial administration of the center and supervises the Research Program’s funded projects, and sub-awards. The Director (s) also oversee seeking funding and recruiting members.

Managing Director – Works in close coordination with the Director (s). The Managing Director oversees the management of the center including Research Program activities, Continuing Education, financial administration, outreach, communications, recruitment, and reporting.